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Pushing Religion and Belittling a Persons Rights and Choices

My fiance brought to my attention the arguements between he and a certain someon on the topic of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in the bible concerning virginity, sex, and the such...I myself am Wiccan...I do not push my beliefs on others and I do not bring up the subject when I feel strongly about a topic...I don't claim to be a perfect person...I lost my virginity when I was only 13 do to some pressure from my boyfriend at the time...I have made mistakes in my life that I regret but I would not be the person I am now if it wasn't for them.

I feel that the ppl who chose to stay pure till they are married are very wise and mature for their age...They are making a conscious decision to stay true to their beliefs and morals and it is totally their choice to do so...So I applaud all of you who are staying true and pure...You have my respect.

I do not, however, care to hear the ravings of a bible thumper pushing their religion on a subject that is souly an individuals choice...I respect everyones beliefs and I ask that they respect mine...Wicca is a religion based on nature and self love.

I do know a little bit about Christianity as well...I use to attend a Missionary Baptist Church in TN...I've also attended a United Methodist Church and as off the wall as it may sound a Mormon Church...These were all when I was trying to find my faith and I was looking to all religions to see where I felt most accepted...It's my understanding that the Christian belief is to love and understand ppl and help to better them thru Christ...If someone chooses to have premarital relations then regrets and asks God for forgiveness then are they not too accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven? Jesus taught understanding and forgiveness...Where did he teach that you should degrade and belittle ppl for their beliefs? Where did he say you should force your beliefs on others? Christianity is accepting Christ as the Lord and Savior of man it's not about forcing others to join some bible thumping cult that follows the bible to the exact word...God made us in his image but he did not make us to where we have the ability not to make mistakes...That is why Jesus was sent to Earth in the first place to save us and die for our sins so that one day we may join God in Heaven.

I don't understand how exploring your own body is a sin either...Shouldn't you know yourself as much as possible? Every person has some sort of sexual desire whether they give into it or not...I find that a lot of ppl I've talked to masturbate to keep their desires from overwhelming them into doing something they are not ready to do. I just don't understand the way ppl push religion on others...I don't want to hear about other ppls religions and how I'm going to die and go to Hell for not believing what they believe...If I want to masturbate or if I want to have premarital sex it's my choice not someone elses...Sorry I just had to put my 2 cents in
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