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future blue neon sex magnet

Yes. Hi. Hello.

O_o :D

What an interesting group. Being the lover of distraction and eccentricity that I am, I have decided to post here. I consider you all lucky, even though you may not agree. ;)

I live in Australia, I am 26 and still quite virginal! You know, I've never really put much thought into the whole thing before, really, I mean it. No, really, it's just never been something I've thought about. Actually, I'll come clean: I am one of those strange people that likes being alone. No, I'm not the person that says he is 'shy' and then turns out to be a party animal, when I say 'I like to be alone' I really really mean it. I mean it as in only me in the room. Only me in a 100 meter vacinity would be optimal, but unfortunately not always achievable. =\ Oh, and apparantly I'm not 'ugly' either, or so my mother tells me (just kidding, it was my Dad really). However, I will admit to a certain amount of (almost pathological) anti-social behaviour in my younger years. Have I been asked out by women? Yes, on quite a few occasions actually. It's odd really, because I don't really tend to see things the way others do with regards to this stuff, I'm sort of... in my own little world? Geddit? Also, my lack of action has not made me insecure - quite the contrary actually - I have an extremely healthy ego 97.23% of the time, but I've have been known to get rather depressed and - in my younger self - angsty as all hell. I really had a chip on my shoulder for a while there. I got offered sex by a woman last year - didn't comply - so I assume that makes me a virgin by choice now? Oh, and a guy in a nightclube once ask if I'd like to suck his cock. Charmed! However, despite all this I have a reputation of being 'friendly' and laid back (so to speak).

So, let's recap. I'm a raging hermit who likes being alone, I have dealt with depression and a somewhat pathological anti-social streak. I have been asked out and rejected women for various known and unknown reasons. I have been offered sex and also rejected it. I am clearly not normal by the looks of this post. ;)

So why have I posted this nonsense here? Well, I am a virgin, but also (as already mentioned) I've never really put much thought into the relationship side of my life. But I have decided that I am going to change such things this year and telling such personal things (and they are personal to me, because I'm not a very open person) to complete strangers seems like it might be helpful (not to mention the blast I get from when people ask me questions like 'OMG. Are your legs broken?!?!?' when I tell them). I've also relized now that it does matter to some degree who I 'lose' it to, but by the same token I'm going to be pedantic about it.

So there you have it. Any qestions that may or may not be asked may or may not be answered. Put this behind a cut because it look biggish.

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