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The Cult of Virginity

... there's a first time for everything.

Virginity Whores
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This group is dedicated to the intelligent discussion of virginity. The taking of virginity, the losing of virginity, you name it. We want you: virgins, those who like to deflower virgins - one and all. Don't be ashamed. Please feel free to share stories, fictional and non-fictional, and anything related to virginity in general.

Rules I Don't Really Want to Make

1) Absolutely no "am I pregnant?" questions or the like. This group is intended for discussion of virginity, not health issues. I'm also not too chipper with "he put it in but didn't cum - am I still a virgin?" questions, and the like.

2) No nude pictures. I hate making that rule because we all know how I am, but it's a necessary evil. Pictures of your face are more than welcome, but if they're large, please place under an LJ cut.

3) Positive discussion only. This is set in stone. Anyone who belittles or makes derogatory comments towards another member will be banned. This is a positive and open community, I can't state that enough.

Your moderator is getyouin and any questions, comments, or the like should be referred to her.