27yearoldvirgin (27yearoldvirgin) wrote in virginitywhores,

I'm that elusive male virgin....

The one who's not so because of moral reasons, or because he wants to be....

Instead because he simply has not had any chances. The further along in life I get while this continues, the more bothersome and depressing it truly gets.

Hell I've not even 'made out' with a girl in years!

My question is as follows:

Are there truly girls out there, that are 'turned on' by the thought of being a guy's first and being able to show him the ropes so to speak?

I ask because a female friend of mine swears up and down that this is the case, that there just might be someone out there for me, who will be thrilled about being able to 'teach' me as we go along.

I on the other hand have always looked at is as follows:

The only thing girls are going to think is that it's pathetic and the thought of being with a virgin at this stage in the game, is more of a turn off than anything, as they would want to be with someone skilled in the art of lovemaking and someone who knows what their doing, not some 27 year old... who has no more skills in the bedroom, than a kid.

(so basically I feel she tells me what she does, only to make me feel better)

Is she correct in this assesment?!?

Am I correct in this assesement?!?

A little of both depending on the girl?!?
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