Kyjo (kyjoandahalf) wrote in virginitywhores,

An aging, tired virgin.

I am perhaps one of the biggest virgin whores my friends know. I'll bare myself to the community now.

I'm 22. I'll be 23 this summer. I have not choosen to be a virgin at all, celibacy was just forced upon me. I am not horrible looking but not a hunk either. I'll try to get some pics later. I'm prematurely balding a wee bit, but still, bald guys get laid right?

I'm not waiting for marriage or the "perfect" girl. Hell, I've never even had a real kiss on the lips with a girl. I'm straight, so I'm not in denial. If I was gay, I might be laid by now, but I love the boobies dammit! Hehe.

Here's a poem I wrote that'll explain me a bit more.


By Green-Pink

When will I get the key?

To learn the mystery?

What many a lovers know

But they will never show

The key to the lockbox

A key to unlock the wonderful locks

I sit here with my key that does not work

No matter how much I twist and torque

When will I get the key?

To end my virginity?
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