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Casting: Couples Waiting to have Sex [19 May 2014|05:11pm]
My name is Stephanie Lewis and I'm a casting director in NYC. I wanted to reach out because we are working with a major cable network on a new series about committed couples ages 35 and over who have yet to consummate their relationships.

Each couple will have the opportunity to go on a weekend-long intimacy retreat with world renowned Christian relationship experts as they work together on their journeys. Whether you have chosen abstinence for spiritual, medical, or emotional reasons, we will work with two committed people who are interested in taking the next steps in their relationship. The goal of this retreat and the ultimate series is to build a strong foundation as each couple embarks on a new and exciting chapter. If you would like the chance to work with the best sexual therapists in the country to enhance your emotional and physical life with your partner, this opportunity is for you.

For more information and to talk to a casting director, please email me at this address or at RelationshipRetreatCasting@gmail.com.

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An interesting stat [18 Feb 2010|04:12pm]
I watched "Sextistics:Your Love Life" on TLC Valentine's night and ran across this interesting statistic: 10% of people are still virgins on their wedding night!

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Hello, New Member [19 Aug 2009|01:34pm]

Hello, I'm a new member. I'm 24 years old and still a virgin, although *so* not by choice. I just had a bad experience with someone who seemed interested but then did a complete 180 when i actually expected him to ante up and bone me.
But anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing all the activity in this community and hopefully make some friends that i don't feel so strange around because i am the only virgin in the room, and also kinda hoping to find someone to lose my virginity to as well (sad i know, but eh *shrugs*) So yeah, thought I'd introduce myself :)

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Pledges don't work [31 Dec 2008|02:27pm]

Well, I never took any one of those pledges and I'm almost a 29-year-old virgin (not by choice).



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First Times? [19 Jun 2007|06:43pm]

Heya guys, how are you? Cool group...I remember back when I would have actually been able to join this as a true blue virgin, but alas my ship has left the port and I now roam the open sea....

...but remember the take off...it was awkward as all hell....on a green trampoline when my parents were out of town.

Anyone else got a first to share?

Here's a cool site to read other people's firsts www.myfirsttimetheplay.com

check it out!

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[18 Apr 2007|05:46pm]

I have never had sex, therefore I say, I am a virgin. I do use toys though, some now say that I am not. I can tell my hymen is still intact. I feel that the definition of virginity means that you have never had sex with another person? What do you all think? Its been on my mind for a while.

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Survey [27 Feb 2007|04:37pm]
A recent Alan Guttmacher Institute survey stated that nine in 10 people have sex before marriage. The number may be a bit high but unlike the conservative groups who have dismissed it as biased, I’m not naive enough to believe that the number of people engaging in premarital sex is below 70% (maybe 75% is the more likely cutoff). It sure couldn’t have been that way when I was at NC State for 4½ years. Since I’m now 27, I am in a precarious situation since I’m not a virgin by choice. Given that the times in which we live, it is utterly unrealistic to believe that a) 50% of all freshmen who enter college leave that way and b) most of the people who do leave college with their virginities intact aren’t deeply religious in their beliefs or otherwise so puritanical.

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Be aware, be very aware... [16 Sep 2005|02:44pm]


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I'm that elusive male virgin.... [15 Sep 2005|05:00pm]
The one who's not so because of moral reasons, or because he wants to be....

Instead because he simply has not had any chances. The further along in life I get while this continues, the more bothersome and depressing it truly gets.

Hell I've not even 'made out' with a girl in years!

My question is as follows:

Are there truly girls out there, that are 'turned on' by the thought of being a guy's first and being able to show him the ropes so to speak?

I ask because a female friend of mine swears up and down that this is the case, that there just might be someone out there for me, who will be thrilled about being able to 'teach' me as we go along.

I on the other hand have always looked at is as follows:

The only thing girls are going to think is that it's pathetic and the thought of being with a virgin at this stage in the game, is more of a turn off than anything, as they would want to be with someone skilled in the art of lovemaking and someone who knows what their doing, not some 27 year old... who has no more skills in the bedroom, than a kid.

(so basically I feel she tells me what she does, only to make me feel better)

Is she correct in this assesment?!?

Am I correct in this assesement?!?

A little of both depending on the girl?!?

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[24 Aug 2005|01:29am]

I lost my virginity to my girlfriend. It turned me off from sex.

Of course, it was because we thought she was pregnant.

It's turned me off from sex. It's my own paranoia. I'm lucky to have such an understanding girlfriend to respect my wish to not have sex.

Everything else, however, is fair game. :-D

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Pushing Religion and Belittling a Persons Rights and Choices [23 Aug 2005|10:57am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

My fiance brought to my attention the arguements between he and a certain someon on the topic of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in the bible concerning virginity, sex, and the such...I myself am Wiccan...I do not push my beliefs on others and I do not bring up the subject when I feel strongly about a topic...I don't claim to be a perfect person...I lost my virginity when I was only 13 do to some pressure from my boyfriend at the time...I have made mistakes in my life that I regret but I would not be the person I am now if it wasn't for them.

I feel that the ppl who chose to stay pure till they are married are very wise and mature for their age...They are making a conscious decision to stay true to their beliefs and morals and it is totally their choice to do so...So I applaud all of you who are staying true and pure...You have my respect.

I do not, however, care to hear the ravings of a bible thumper pushing their religion on a subject that is souly an individuals choice...I respect everyones beliefs and I ask that they respect mine...Wicca is a religion based on nature and self love.

I do know a little bit about Christianity as well...I use to attend a Missionary Baptist Church in TN...I've also attended a United Methodist Church and as off the wall as it may sound a Mormon Church...These were all when I was trying to find my faith and I was looking to all religions to see where I felt most accepted...It's my understanding that the Christian belief is to love and understand ppl and help to better them thru Christ...If someone chooses to have premarital relations then regrets and asks God for forgiveness then are they not too accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven? Jesus taught understanding and forgiveness...Where did he teach that you should degrade and belittle ppl for their beliefs? Where did he say you should force your beliefs on others? Christianity is accepting Christ as the Lord and Savior of man it's not about forcing others to join some bible thumping cult that follows the bible to the exact word...God made us in his image but he did not make us to where we have the ability not to make mistakes...That is why Jesus was sent to Earth in the first place to save us and die for our sins so that one day we may join God in Heaven.

I don't understand how exploring your own body is a sin either...Shouldn't you know yourself as much as possible? Every person has some sort of sexual desire whether they give into it or not...I find that a lot of ppl I've talked to masturbate to keep their desires from overwhelming them into doing something they are not ready to do. I just don't understand the way ppl push religion on others...I don't want to hear about other ppls religions and how I'm going to die and go to Hell for not believing what they believe...If I want to masturbate or if I want to have premarital sex it's my choice not someone elses...Sorry I just had to put my 2 cents in

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Hii.. [30 Jun 2005|10:49pm]

Join da new rating community...

It's new and it's harsh. Dare?


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[03 Jun 2005|01:22am]

Man I havent had sex in like a month and a half! Im going totally insane! The boyfriend and me broke up but I have this other friend. So I thought I would being getting all the sex I need but Im not. Now this friend is talking about a relationship! I dont want a relationship I want the casual sex that Im entitled too! lol. The whole reason for me letting go of the boyfriend was so I can get with guy cause..well...the sex was good. lol. Now its like this dry spell! Come on...wheres the sex? I need that body heat! I need that passion! I need that fly by the sit of your pants kinda sex! Lets go right over to my dad's bed and get it over with. lol

Man, I need sex!

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25+ and still a virgin? [16 May 2005|12:34am]

I'm being bad and cross posting this to a few forums, but I'm doing so in hopes that many people will take interest in this new community which I trust will benefit many.


This is a forum primarily for those of us over the age of 25 who have chosen premarital abstinence but are now finding ourselves in a minority among young and older adults. As most of our "true love waits" peers have married in their early twenties, we face a unique challenge as an unmarried adult in our late twenties, thirties, even forties.

Although this forum was designed with vigins in mind, I equally welcome those over 25 who have chosen second virginity and are living in abstinence; as well as anyone who is now married who was a virgin past the age of 25. (25 is the magic number, but if you're a bit younger and really want to join, let me know, I make a few exceptions.)

If you're an older virgin by choice and struggle at times with staying true to your commitment, this community is for you. My hope is that we can join together to support and encourage one another to stay on the road we've chosen and travelled on for so long.

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An aging, tired virgin. [26 Apr 2005|05:17am]

I am perhaps one of the biggest virgin whores my friends know. I'll bare myself to the community now.

I'm 22. I'll be 23 this summer. I have not choosen to be a virgin at all, celibacy was just forced upon me. I am not horrible looking but not a hunk either. I'll try to get some pics later. I'm prematurely balding a wee bit, but still, bald guys get laid right?

I'm not waiting for marriage or the "perfect" girl. Hell, I've never even had a real kiss on the lips with a girl. I'm straight, so I'm not in denial. If I was gay, I might be laid by now, but I love the boobies dammit! Hehe.

Here's a poem I wrote that'll explain me a bit more.

LockboxCollapse )

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the long grooling wait.....driving me insane [03 Mar 2005|10:28pm]

okay, i'm new here...

about me:
I just lost my virginity back this last august; but to my dismay haven't had any more sexual experiences since... this is driving me crazy, i need some action.
i'm 24... yeah i know i'm quite old to have just recently lost my virginity. i was originally holding out for marriage, then for the right person, and then at some point it just didn't seem as big of a deal as what has been programmed in my mind growing up.
i'm a male, and i live in the sacramento, california vicinity. i want to have sex!

lol, just for shits and giggles i'm going to post a few pictures of myself my picsCollapse )

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[01 Mar 2005|09:20am]

ahh i havent seen my boyfriend is about 8 days and its killing me. i need to feel his body next to mine!!! i need to kiss him! as he would say im 'hungry'.

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Yes. Hi. Hello. [01 Mar 2005|04:20am]

O_o :D

What an interesting group. Being the lover of distraction and eccentricity that I am, I have decided to post here. I consider you all lucky, even though you may not agree. ;)

sexual history (or lack thereof!)Collapse )

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[28 Feb 2005|08:08am]

havent seen the boyfriend in like two weeks so nothing good happened this weekend. no dirty little stories to share.

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I have a question... [23 Feb 2005|07:22pm]

This doesn't have much to do with virginity, but I need advice about something...*sigh* Boys can be so damn irritating... Alright guys, how would you feel if your boyfriend hung out with his ex on a semi-regular basis? And he told you, "we are just friends". And you believed him, BUT he says he never wants you to meet her, because she will be a bitch to you, and you won't like her. Am I wrong for being upset about this? Because if I am, I would like someone to tell me so. If I am just being a girl and over-reacting, which is quite possible, someone should speak up and put me in my place... It only bothers me, because I don't trust her. I think she is kinda evil. lol I am too possesive, huh? =(

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